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A member of the SF community is unable to parse figurative speech, part 600,057

There is no slapfight so tiresome that it cannot further devolve into a smackdown between different bits of the community where someone takes a mortal insult where none was intended (nor said.)

Today's example:

What gives me some hope: Wiscon had a lot of attendees. Maybe they're the future of the genre, long after Asimovs is a dusty old stack of yellowed paper next to some old Playboys in the all-boy treehouse.

This is a form of synecdoche where the part is used to represent the whole. People who attend Wiscon are used as representative what the future of SF could be like (full of feminists), in contrast with the (hopefully dying) breed of misogynists (racists, etc.) who are commenting in a certain topic (which is not getting linked because it is too full of stupid) over at the Asimov's boards.

The part represents the whole. The part is *not* the whole.

But someone is confused:

The "Everything great and wonderful in the world is at Wiscon, and everyone should want to go, and everyone who doesn't is just Wrong Wrong Wrong and should leave the genre" people. While many of them are feminists, they aren't the same group.


Sure. Wiscon is the great white force of Rightness that will save the day from the Incredibly Stupid. You don't think that attitude makes demands on the rest of us?

If only someone would explain! and explain again! and again! this terrible misunderstanding could be cleared up.

Oh wait, this is SF, so probably not.
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