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Will No One Think of the Stripped Paperbacks?

I know the internets cried a little when William Lexner's mom lawyer told him to stay off the internet. Good news, kids. He's Baaaaaack! And now he schools us on crimes against humanity. No, not genocide - the other one:

Inscribing a book, if you're not the author, is a crime against humanity. As is defacing a book by scribbling or cutting it in any way.


Wait, what if you think your $6.99 paperback was meant to be read and not worshiped as a fetish object? Don't worry, that "criminal" veggiesu is on the case:

So, for the hard of thinking, I'll try to put it in words you understand: I don't treat the words as disposable; I treat the *book* as disposable. And if you think that's selfish, well, it's your right to jump to specious conclusions about me. It's stupid and it's rude, but it's most definitely your right.

But Su! he goes to the library! He can't be dumb! And if you can't win the slapfight, personal attacks and a patronizing attitude, well they get you on slapfights:

Do you have children? Grandchildren? Anyone other than yourself you care about? I'm just curious.


And if you'd ever like to read something that wasn't assigned in 8th grade English class, I'd be happy to guide you.

Awww, thanks grandpa, we wimmen like it when you big strong menfolk offer to "guide" us. But are you sure your lawyer mom said it was ok?
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