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Almost Too Quiet...

Well, it has been very quiet on the slapfight beat recently. Even the most stupid award in the world has generated precious little controversy. The best they have been able to do is shortlist some fanfic which despite noble attempts isn't not really going to get anyone going.

Of course, good old William Sanders has always got something to say on the topic:
Well, Charlie Brown's opinions have never mattered as much as he thought, and I don't know anybody who gives a rat's ass what he thinks about the Nebula ballot or anything else. He says the Nebula is becoming a joke and he doesn't know how to fix it; I've got a tip for you, Charlie old shoe, YOU'RE a fucking joke, and the only way to fix you would be (unfortunately) illegal.
Answers on a postcard as to what this illegal fix might be.

He also comments in passing "Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Karen Fowler's work" so that's that cleared up!
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