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When will I get my kill-kill-kill button?

Poll #1220521 Oh willie, will you ever change?

If caught in making a bigoted remark, you should?

Apologize and change your ways.
Complain that you made your remark in private correspondence.
Complain that you meant just the bad people by your slur, not everyone.
Get your friends to stick up for you.
Forget you've made this slur before and deleted your magazine's newsgroup because people were mean to you about it.


Just when you thought we were about to hit the dog days of slapfights, our old pal William Sanders is using his favorite bigoted term (yes, I know the comment is deleted, but Toby's got your recap before it was deleted.)

Long time readers my journal (aw pre-slapfights days!) know that this isn't the first time we've had a go round on this particular term. (Unfortunately, he has sanitized the internet by deleting the Helix newsgroup.)

As always, he says he's just talking about the *bad* arabs muslims terrorists. So of course he hasn't said anything offensive.

Yes. Read that last sentence again. Using a slur doesn't count when you mean people who deserve it.

As always, his toadies are out in droves to defend him and he attempts the distractor where he complains that the commentor publicized private correspondence. Not saying that last is right but since it's been out there before, just own your bigotry, Sanders.
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