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The Greatest Hits Of David Truesdale

1) SF is bad because it is gay - If this is so idiotic that reading it makes your head hurt then read this take-down by nihilistic_kid instead.

2) Karen Joy Fowler is destroying SF - The original has disappeard but thankfully this was preserved by Ray Davies.

3) More people should be a feminist like me - charmingbillie bore the pain of so you didn't have to.


4) I am all about the pussy (and responsible journalism) - I particularly like the way it is all Mark Kelly's fault, presumably because Martini is a women and hence not worthy of his time. It is also nice to see despite being happy to throw the word cunt around he is sensitive enough to be offended by hideously "foul-mouthed" language such as bastard. The (stupid) follow up.

Further update

5) Evil Leftists are destroying SF - As usual more of the delicious goodness is lost behind the wall but we still have Matt Cheney's response.

Any more favourites?
Tags: cunt heavy, david truesdale, feminism, karen joy fowler, sf
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