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It's that time of the year - you know the one where people complain about the Hugo Awards because the shortlist sucks. (It does.)

It's also the time of the year when those two intrepid Hugo ambassadors, Kevin Standlee and Cheryl Morgan step into the limelight and encourage people to join Worldcon as a supporting members.

First up, Standlee:

King Rat said:

As to those who say "buy yourself a membership and fix the Hugos instead of complaining" you are kind of missing all sorts of points.

Oh, please enlighten us with your great wisdom, O King. Otherwise, your argument boils down to, "You people have bad taste and you should change the way you vote to suit me, although of course I'm much too important to actually do anything about it other than complain about how stupid you are."

I have similar disdain for people who don't vote in mundane elections and then complain about the results, effectively saying, "the world should adjust to my benefit, and I shouldn't have to do anything at all to make it change."

Yes, I'm sarcastic and irritable about this. Twenty-five years ago, when I attended my first Worldcon, I saw things I wanted to change, and realized that nobody was going to change them for me, so I got out there, joined, and worked to make change happen.

If you can't even be troubled to buy a WSFS membership and vote, you don't have a lot of credibility in my opinion. You're just a whiner.

And here's Morgan doing the hard sell:

And if there isn’t a con leadership there ought to be

I could die laughing. You have no idea. But presumably you think that the con leadership should be you, and that you should be given the job because you deserve it.

I freely admit that I have no idea how such a change could be achieved

Then I suggest you shut the fuck up, or at least stop having a go at the people who are actually trying to make changes happen rather than just whining selfishly from the sidelines.

except that now they have my name, in some small way, associated with them

Oh, you poor, precious little Princess. How awful it must be for you to have your name sullied like that.

Is that the sound of 1000 supporting memberships being purchased? Yeah, I didn't think so either.
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